Samsung HG43EE694DK tv 109,2 cm (43") Full HD Älytelevisio Wi-Fi Musta

843,01 €
Simplified hospitality display solutions that offer easy, low-cost IP migration, 43", 1920 x 1080 px, Wi-Fi, HDMI, 44W, A+
Meet Demand for IP-Supported Services at Low Cost
The HE694 has a simple, low-cost IP migration solution for hotels that currently have coaxial infrastructure. For the first time since initial demand for internet connectivity among hotel guests, IP infrastructure is becoming important in order for hotels to provide top-line entertainment and communication room services to its guests. Besides supporting WiFi, one of the most-demanded guest services today, an IP network also enables cable channels in HD, unified communication and integrated room controls. Due to consumer expectation of these services, the migration to an IP infrastructure that supports the technologies is necessary in order to stay competitive. Fortunately, the HE694 eliminates the high cost burden of infrastructure reconstruction, presenting an IP-over-coax solution that supports upgraded content and services for guests.

Deliver IPTV Services through Existing Coax Infrastructures
Featuring IP-over-coax functionality, Samsung’s HE694 display is an exceptional display alternative for hotels who wish to implement IPTV but lack the resources to rebuild their infrastructures. As an All-IP standalone display, Samsung’s HE694 uses a CMTS server to convert IP signals to coax signals and transmit them through the existing coaxial cable. Through this transformation, hotels can empower guest rooms with high-quality IPTV without a significant equipment investment. Additionally, hotel operators can add IPTV capabilities sequentially and avoid having to close off certain rooms or floors while the systems are upgraded. Two features, the DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem and the CMTS server enable enhanced communication and content delivery. The CMTS server can deliver Satellite Signal, Internet Signal and Hotel SW Sever into the guest room. The DOCSIS cable modem is an embedded hospitality display, which enables hotels to provide interactive content and content services.

Maximize Guest Access to Entertainment and Information
Samsung’s LYNK REACH 4.0 solution gives hotel managers access to a mix of IP (IPTV) and RF channels, creating a hybrid channel map capable of offering guests more entertainment and information options than available on standard hospitality displays. Through this enhanced access, hotel managers easily can compose and activate a channel bank list to meet unique guest needs. LYNK REACH 4.0’s extensive channel bank additionally allows hotels to offer specialized premium paid content available to applicable guests, creating a potentially profitable revenue source while offering guests more customized viewing options.

Offer Personalized Service from Check-in through Checkout
Samsung’s LYNK REACH 4.0 platform ensures that guests receive personalized attention and convenient access to on-site amenities and services throughout the duration of their stay.
• At check-in: The LYNK REACH 4.0 server uses the hotel’s proprietary management server (PMS) to evaluate guests’ unique information and greet them with personalized welcome messages.
• During guest stay: Hotel managers can use data stored within the LYNK REACH 4.0 server to send guests personalized messages relevant to their stay, ranging from restaurant reservation portals to timing for other on-site services.
• Express checkout: LYNK REACH 4.0 highlights and organizes all guest charges within a single screen, enabling a faster guest checkout process that does not require a trip to the lobby.

Expand Personal Music Streaming Capabilities and Content Viewing Arenas through Bluetooth Connectivity
Through embedded Bluetooth connectivity, Samsung’s HE694 displays transform into an all-in-one entertainment center that delivers a differentiated in-room experience resembling what guests would expect at home. The displays’ integrated Software Access Point (Soft AP) functionality provides 40Mbps of wireless bandwidth, supporting up to four mobile devices within a two-meter range. Once connected with guests’ mobile devices, the HE694 display becomes an audio player complete with an easy-to-navigate screen and powerful speakers giving guests quick access to play their favorite songs and sounds. The HE694’s screen mirroring and Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) capabilities ensure that mobile content configures smoothly to the display without distortion or restriction. Conversely, Smart View TV-to-mobile transferability enables guests to clearly view TV content on their mobile devices. The HE694’s wireless design offers guests greater content interaction flexibility without reducing picture quality or access parameters, giving hotels an extra edge.

Keep Guests Connected at Reduced Maintenance
Through a range of innovative, low-cost features, the HE690 and HE590 displays offer guests more avenues to achieve fully-functional connectivity – for both work and entertainment needs – with less hassle required. Guests can use an integrated Ethernet bridge to create an in-room work station, complete with a VoIP phone access point and connectivity to IP devices for continued content access. After a long day, guests can access online TV streaming platforms through the displays to ensure they don’t miss their favorite program while on the road. The HE690 and HE590 additionally expand in-room entertainment options through Bluetooth connectivity, which allows guests to stream music from their personal devices through the displays’ speakers. This seamless streaming provides a cost-efficient alternative to frequently stolen or broken docking stations, and helps hotels further transform rooms into versatile entertainment hubs.

Extend Content Viewing Arenas through Wireless Device-to-Display Connectivity
Samsung hospitality displays elevate the guest experience by serving as an in-room, multi-device entertainment hub equipped with a host of customized viewing features. The displays’ integrated Software Access Point (Soft AP) functionality provides secure private wireless connections between TV and up to 4 mobile devices in room. Once connected, guests can transfer personal content, including music, movies and photos, from their mobile devices for viewing on the larger display screen with DLNA. They can also transfer the screen of a mobile device onto the TV with Screen Mirroring without restriction of content type. When Samsung Smart View application is used in the mobile device, guests can transfer their multimedia content to TV more easily. DLNA, Screen Mirroring and Smart View capabilities ensure that mobile content configures smoothly to the display without distortion or restriction.

Leverage H. Browser with powerful Samsung support for customized, interactive solutions
H.Browser delivers the superior in-room entertainment and customized content management services that today’s hotel guests expect, along with interactive web services. With H.Browser, hotels do not need to purchase, install and maintain additional hardware such as VoD set-top boxes (STBs). As an IP-based open platform, H. Browser enables Systems Integrators (SIs) to provide fully customizable web browser solutions that deliver premium interactive services and features for both free and VoD content. Because H.Browser is based on Internet programming languages such as HTML5 and Java Script, SIs can easily develop and quickly deploy robust, customized hotel solutions. Solution development is made possible by Samsung technical support, Samsung's advance display hardware, and Samsung's collaboration with SIs.

Enjoy More Efficient Installation through Improved Plug-and-Play Capabilities
In a busy hospitality environment, time spent on display installation and maintenance is time that could otherwise be devoted to more critical growth-related activities. Through advanced plug-and-play settings, hotel managers can activate hundreds of in-room displays with minimal effort required. Operations teams simply have to navigate three basic launch settings to synchronize multiple displays and servers while also defining connectivity and language needs:
• Basic Setup: A user-friendly interface lets hospitality managers define the language, picture and tuning, and clock settings.
• Cloning Mode: To further enhance multi-display control, hotel managers can replicate communication and content delivery functionalities across all on-site displays. Once the cloning process is complete, users can activate their displays without requiring any further installations or compatibility confirmation.
• Factory Mode: Hotel managers additionally can customize advanced display operations, such as audio parameters and connectivity settings, through an easy-to-access factory mode portal.
The plug-and-play functionalities also enable certain non-hospitality environments to enjoy the same content and system management benefits. A unique Commercial Mode setting accommodates the specialized requirements of commercial users, such as government and education entities, without compromising performance.

Treat guests with a customized, cost-efficient Home Menu
Deliver a wide array of content to guests with an enhanced Home Menu that does not require the additional purchase of a solution or installation of a network infrastructure. New enhanced features enable hotels to welcome guests with a brief video introduction along with the hotel logo before offering live TV. This way, hotels can enhance their brand without the need of an additional solution. Guests can conveniently view resources such as the time, date and hotel information, and access frequently used TV features in user mode. The customizable Home Menu reduces the cost burden for hotels that lack the budget for an additional solution while simplifying Home Menu creation with a solution-embedded Hospitality TV.

Protect content with advanced DRM technology
Samsung LYNK DRM technology provides a safe and cost-effective alternative to traditional hardware-based content protection systems. The solution allows encrypted live channel and VoD content to pass securely and display on hotel TVs. A software-only implementation, LYNK DRM technology reduces the need for additional equipment and provides quicker recovery for Conditional Access System (CAS) problems. To help ensure system reliability, coverage extends to the enlargement of head-end equipment for cable operators.

System Integrator (SI) compatibility
Save time and effort when setting up multiple protocols between SI-provided set-top boxes and displays. Samsung SMART Hospitality Display are compatible with various SI protocols at purchase.

Security Mode
Gain unique and strong display content management with Security Mode on HD470 Series displays. Using this feature, you can disable critical functions of the displays to easily prevent changes to the displays' settings. You can also block non-compliant content or the transmission of unwanted Teletext (TTX) with a signal to maintain complete control of content on guest room displays, including input through HDMI and USB ports. This feature is also highly beneficial for controlling displays in environments that require tight security, such as prisons.

Hospitality Stand
Provide guests with an excellent view of the TV from anywhere in the room with a TV stand. The stand provides a flexible 20º, 60º and 90º swivel support and ensure the TV remains firmly in place.

Variable Speaker Out
Increase guests’ in-room mobility and enjoyment by connecting the TV’s sound to other parts of the room with the external speaker-out post. Guests can listen to their TV programs from anywhere in the room or bathroom through speakers installed in remote locations.

Sound Bar Compatibility
Couple a Samsung hospitality TV with a Sound Bar to let guests truly enjoy hearing their programming. Connected by a High-Definition Multimedia Interface cable, settings are automatically applied, making installation a breeze. A single remote lets guests have full control over both the TV and Sound Bar.

Multi-code Remote
Increase guests’ TV-viewing enjoyment by eliminating annoying interference from other remote signals in applications, such as hotel fitness centers, where multiple TVs are in close proximity. The multi-code remote can control up to 10 TVs individually in the same room.

My Channel
Enable guests to easily find and enjoy the programming of their choice without having to manually scroll through hundreds of TV channels. My Channel’s quick search function allows guests to find channels suited to their tastes, by country and genre.

External Clock
Improve guests’ convenience with an external clock accessory that enables them to easily discern the current time with just a glance. With 12-hour or 24-hour formats, 7-step dimming control settings (5 steps on Normal display and 2 steps on Standby display) and a simple RJ12 connection to the back of the display, the clock accessory is an easy way to enhance guests’ comfort. The clock accessory is available in boxes of 20 units.
The External Clock accessory availability may vary by region/country.

Software clock
Allow your guests to check the current time on the TV whenever needed. Software Clock is a clock display solution of in-room TVs using a remote control. The guests can easily check the time with the press of ‘Info’ button using the remote control, even when the TV is off.

Connect Share
Media entertainment including movies, music, and images come alive on the screen by simply plugging a USB drive directly into the TV.

Sports Mode
Sports fans don’t have to miss their favorite games when staying at your hotel. They can watch every goal or point scored with superior-quality picture and sound, right in their rooms. With Sports Mode, guests can use a shortcut to activate enhanced sound and picture quality. The enhanced sound creates a greater stadium effect and enriched picture quality displays the playing field in vivid color. With this feature, guests can have a truly immersive in-room entertainment experience-complete with key game highlights and audience cheers.
Sports mode availability may vary by region/country.


Näytön halkaisija 109,2 cm (43")
HD-tyyppi Full HD
Näytön erottelutarkkuus 1920 x 1080 pikseliä
Näytön teknologia LED
Näytön muoto Litteä
Dynaamisen kontrastisuhteen markkinointinimi Mega Contrast


Virittimen tyyppi Analoginen & digitaalinen
Digitaalisignaalimuodon järjestelmä DVB-C,DVB-S2,DVB-T2
Automaattinen kanavahaku


Internet tv
Hybriditelevisio (HbbTV)
Lifestyle-sovellukset Samsung Smart View


Kaiuttimien lukumäärä 2
Nimellisteho RMS 20 W
Sisäiset kaiuttimet
Äänidekooderit DTS,Dolby Digital
Äänen dekoodausteknologiat Dolby Digital Plus


Ethernet LAN
Bluetooth-profiilit HID


Tuotteen väri Musta
Kääntyvä kulma alue -90 - 90°


Ulkoinen kellon himmennyksen hallinta
Kuvankäsittelyteknologia Samsung HyperReal Engine,Samsung Wide Color Enhancer Plus
Digital Clean View
Prosessorin ytimet 4
Ulkoisen kellon yhteensopivuus
Kellon varavirta
ConnectShare (HDD)
ConnectShare (USB)


HDMI-porttien lukumäärä 2
Ethernet LAN (RJ-45) -portit 1
USB 2.0 -porttien määrä 2
Komposiittivideo sisääntulo 1
Kuulokelähdöt 1
Yhteinen rajapinta (CI)
Yhteinen rajapinta plus (CI+)
Äänen paluukanava (ARC)
Ääni ulos (V,O) 1
PC-ääni sisään
Digitaalisen äänen optinen lähtö 1
RF-portteja 1
Common interface Plus (CI+) -versio 1.3
Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) Anynet+
Kaukosäädin (IR) ulos 1


Sähköinen ohjelmaopas (EPG)
On Screen Display (OSD)
OSD-kielten lukumäärä 27
Kuva kuvassa
Automaattinen virrankatkaisu
Musiikkitilan taustavalo päällä/pois
Päälle/pois ajastin


Multikoodi kauko-ohjain
Ruuvattu paristokotelo


Energialuokka A+
Virrankulutus 44 W
Virrankulutus valmiustilassa 0,5 W
Virrankulutus (PowerSave) 24 W
Tehonkulutus (maks.) 95 W
AC-syöttöjännite 220 - 240 V


Sertifioitu DLNA

Paino ja mitat

Tuotteen leveys 972,9 mm
Tuotteen syvyys 54 mm
Tuotteen korkeus 570,1 mm
Paino 9,4 kg
Laitteen leveys (jalustan kanssa) 972,9 mm
Laitteen syvyys (jalustan kanssa) 226,5 mm
Laitteen korkeus (jalustan kanssa) 622 mm
Paino jalustan kanssa 12,3 kg


Sisältää johdot AC
Kaukosäätimen tyyppi TM1240A
Sisältää paristot
Pakkauksen leveys 1170 mm
Pakkauksen syvyys 118 mm
Pakkauksen korkeus 653 mm
Pakkauksen paino 14,6 kg

Muut ominaisuudet

Sisällön hallintaratkaisu Samsung LYNK REACH,Samsung LYNK SINC
LYNK REACH -versio 4.0
LYNK REACH -palvelimen yhteensopivuus
LYNK DRM -tuettu
Automaattinen lähtötila
Virta päälle tilasta
Omat kanavat -toiminto
Logonäyttö aika-asetuksilla (BMP/elokuva)
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